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Degenerative Myelopathy

July 10th, 2009 - February 11th, 2019

Thor was so loved and such a big part of his family's life. A beautiful protector who is dearly missed

Thor was put into My arms at 7 weeks old, He was very sleepy. I felt a rumble in his little chest, as I held him. As I held him, I felt an UnExplainable Immediate Bond with this little Puppy! After he came home we found out he had Megaesophagus! But Thor And I dealt with that. Thor was extremely smart, and he learned, as I learned. He Loved his little stuffed animals, and never ripped or tor them. They were his friends! And we soon found out his passion was "singing!" He Loved to carry a tune! As he grew older, his mission in life was to "take care" of us. He was ALWAYS on alert.He heard people on our property, or at our door, before we ever knew they were approaching! When Thor would look at me His eyes starred right into my soul. I Loved Him more than life itself. I will never b able to explain the bond we had. When I found out I was going to lose him to DM, I truly wanted to go with him! That was the worst, most helpless thing to watch. Thor went through it a whole lot better than I did! He was so brave. And Caring. He ALWAYS looked after us. And his favorite thing besides his stuffed hedgehogs, was a Frisbee. I can write about him Forever...

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