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Losing a Pet is Really Hard

It's okay if you need to talk to someone

It is really hard to lose a pet. A lot of us feel like we can't really grieve about it to others, like we shouldn't be so upset about an animal. But, that's not true - in fact there is actual research that shows losing a dog can be as hard as losing a loved one. 

If you're feeling alone in your grief and need comfort, there is nothing wrong with reaching out. Thank you to a redditor who shared this list of Pet Loss Hotlines.

Pet Loss Hotline List

Knowing When It's Time

Quality of Life Measurements

Talk to anyone whose pet suffers from a debilitating disease and they will tell you the hardest part is knowing when it's time.

Truth be told, we're never ready but it's important that we give our pets the best quality of life possible. I was referred to a great website that listed multiple Quality of Life Tests.

Lap of Love - Quality of Life Scoring Tools

Helping them Cross the Bridge

Going to the Vet or in the Comfort of your Home?

Maybe the hardest part about loving a pet is that many times you have to choose when it's their time for them. Having just experienced this process, I wonder if I can commit to getting another dog knowing I may have to do it again one day.

I struggled with deciding to lay my loved one to rest at home or at the vet. I knew the comfort of our home was better but how hard would it be for me to see the spot he took his final breaths in? I found comfort in speaking with other dog lovers and also reading pros and cons for both before I ultimately decided to do it at home.

A Vet's View of In-Home Euthanasia 

What Veterinarians Wish You Knew about Euthanizing a Pet

The Process itself

What to Expect

This will be brief because it's so hard to write about as it is too fresh but one of the things I sought out was a play-by-play of the process. 

What Happens During Euthanasia


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