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Canine cognitive disorder

September 7th, 2019

One of the hardest things we do as dog owners is one of the kindest. Run free sweet Monty, you are so missed.

People often say that the dog will “tell you when it’s time to go.” But I believe that when we wait for dogs to tell us, we have often waited too long. “Better a week too early than a day too late” has become my mantra. It's what I have said to myself over and over as I have watched Monty fall deeper and deeper into his dementia. Is it time? Am I waiting too long? Is he in distress and I'm just not seeing it? Am I holding on to an idea rather than what he really is at this point? But as I asked myself these questions, I also gave him as much love as possible, soaking up as much as he would allow. Each kiss he gave me was precious. Each time he peacefully fell asleep in my arms or on my chest warmed my heart and soul. And I finally used that love to find the strength to say goodbye to our C. Montgomery Burns aka Monty aka Tiny Tot.

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