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February 4th, 2020

Rogue was one-of-a-kind. He united people from all over the world who followed his journey and built a family. Run free Rogue.

Rogue was given a second chance at life when Bryce stepped in to save him 6 years ago.  He was emaciated and his time was running out. Something about Rogue caught Bryce's eye and tugged at his heart strings - before he knew it he was off to the shelter to rescue Rogue.

This dog caught the attention of a lot of people - myself included, who saw his image posted and the dire circumstances he was in. We rejoiced when Bryce saved him - we followed Rogue from that moment on; hundreds of us - all animal lovers who otherwise would not have met - joined a group called "Happy Endings: The Rescue Dog's Story" on Facebook where we watched Rogue undergo surgeries, gain strength and mobility and most importantly, find his forever home where he was loved (by Bryce and all of us).

Rogue was nicknamed Goob for his goofiness but he was also a trend setter. All of us dog owners ended up with polka dot pig squeaky toys for our dogs too. We discussed what food to feed our dogs, shared funny memes, sent one another Christmas cards and comforted each other when we lost our own furbabies.

I came to this page for help with Ares was diagnosed with his disease. Members sent me supplements, gave me important resources to turn to and comforted me as I struggled to lose my own heart dog. A loss that still cuts deep today and one that helped me to understand what so many others are experiencing.

We created our own family and Rogue was our communal pet of sorts. We loved him - and his furry brothers and sisters too. When Rogue was recently diagnosed with cancer, we all did as families do, whatever we could to help. And now, as we watch Bryce grieve we stand as a family for him.

Rogue, thank you so much for being a source of so much good. You've brought out the best in so many people and we are honored to have went on this journey with you. I know you are at peace and you will not be forgotten.

Ares - please take care of Rogue. 

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