Ares 10th Birthday, his first at the Bridge

Between finding his stocking when unpacking Christmas presents and knowing his birthday was coming up, I've been a bit emotional for the better part of a week.

Ares, the German Shepherd, getting raw steak on his 8th birthday - December 4th, 2017.
Ares 8th Birthday Dinner

I know this sounds ridiculous to some people but I truly feel like a piece of me is missing. I walk around feeling a bit unwhole. Today is Ares' 10th Birthday, though he is not here for me to uphold our long standing tradition of steak dinner.

Ares got a raw steak on his birthday, every single birthday we had him (we got him at 8 weeks old). The last two birthdays I gave him steak cubes (filet tips to be precise).

I can't really unload my feelings about him on a daily basis nor should I embrace the sadness so instead I decided that today should be deemed "Feed your dog steak day."

If you are lucky enough to have your favorite furbaby alive and at your side, feed them some steak - raw or cooked. I'm sure you have some in the freezer.

For all you dog owners out there, make December 4th a delicious day for your loved one and think of Ares for me. He'd be salivating at my feet right now waiting for his birthday meal.

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