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Setting up the website

I actually bought this domain name a few days before we actually laid Ares to rest. I felt myself grieving and needing people to talk to but not wanting to overburden anyone with my ongoing grief.

The last photo that was taken of Ares on May 10th, 2019.

Today has been 2 months

While I've had the domain for awhile and the ideas have been here, I didn't have the courage to start the website. The past two weeks I've felt more upset than usual I think because he feels further away. We haven't lived in our new house very long which means Ares didn't leave a lot of his mark there (hello shepherd hair!) the way he did in our other houses. We lived in our new house for less than 6 months when we said goodbye to Ares. We put him to rest in a grassy area that overlooked a lake. He was not mobile most of the time we lived in this house (maybe 2 weeks of using all 4 legs since we got here) - so the spot he was laid to rest in was pretty bare from him laying there. It isn't anymore. The grass has grown back and the remnants of the pine cones I used to throw to him while he laid there are gone. There was a little pile of Ares hair in our master bathroom I didn't have the heart to clean up. We had company over that hasn't seen our house before so a thorough cleaning resulted in the hair being cleaned up too. I just can't feel him here anymore.

Keeping Memories Alive

I try to put up as many photos of him as I can. They are hard to look at because I can't smell him anymore. I have his ashes too but haven't had the heart to scatter them or even put them in the necklace I was gifted. Shout out to the HE Family Angels for that. What do you guys do to keep your loved ones memories alive? How long until the wounds aren't so fresh?

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